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What is AiHFL for a learner ?

The Ai Help For Learning tool is designed to enhance learning speed by providing an Ai similar to a dedicated personal adviser. Alone or with a group of other learners, the learner will have personal advice on what is contained in the AiHFL books. The Ai decides which next question it will ask to the learner using complex algorithms. The Ai will tell the learner when and what AiHFL books need restudying with the Ai council.

Quick AiHFL guide
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The Ai Help For Learning will decide in which order it will ask you some questions from the CURRENT question bag. But before that, you need to decide ;

Step 1 : Which book do you want to learn ?

By going in a book and clicking on the right arrow in a page, the Ai will think you may be ready for the questions of this page. The right arrow is before the book's signature and looks like this :
Page ? of ?

The Ai will automatically put the questions of the page in the DEFAULT question bag. At the end of a book, the Ai will evaluate you on the questions in the book. For every question, you must try to solve the question before clicking on:

Once you showed the waited answer, you must ;

Step 2 : Self-evaluate yourself fairly :

will tell the Ai that you need to concentrate more on this question until you answer it correctly most of the time ;

will tell the Ai to ask you this question less frequently.

At the end of every test, the Ai might change its "Ai council" that you can read when you want by clicking on "Learn" in the upper menu ;

Step 3 : Read the Ai council.

Quick guide for an AiHFL book lot creator

Creating an AiHFL book lot in the field you are expert in is easier than you think ! If you already did write a good book, you need to create about 60 questions or much more grouped by chapters. The questions can contain pictures, videos, audio files, simply text and/or many other features. If you plan to do this and/or already have questions in any format, you can contact us as soon as you want by mail and/or other at :

We may be able to help you. If you have the knowledge to write 60 good questions or more in your field grouped by learning phases, you can also contact us.
Explaining quickly what we can do with these questions is very difficult. We can tell you for example that every question can have a "waited answer" that can also contain pictures, videos, audio files, simply text and/or many other features. If you want to learn more, you should log in and start the "Learn about using the Ai" trail.

Who can sell AiHFL books ?

The Ai Help For Learning website is currently aiming to sell non-fiction AiHFL books. You can skip the selection process by paying a Small education package or a Big education package. Skipping the selection process can also mean skipping the marketing process.

Where can AiHFL books be sold ?

With no advance payment, the Ai Help For Learning website offers a way to sell AiHFL books. If you represent a government, a university and/or a big organization, please inform yourself on the Big education package.

How much can be earned selling AiHFL books ?

With no advance payment, you can earn up to 50% from the final consumer price of selling a group of AiHFL books. Following table presents negotiable prices :

Example incomes for selling a 2-year access to an AiHFL book lot
Negotiable formula number Income for the AiHFL company Income for the AiHFL book lot creator(s) Total price for consumer (all taxes included)
Example n°1 10 EUR 0* EUR 10 EUR
Example n°2 10 EUR 5 EUR 15 EUR
Example n°3 15 EUR 15 EUR 30 EUR

* The 0 EUR income for the AiHFL book lot creator(s) is aimed for people who intend to use the AiHFL books as an option to other services.

Why AiHFL ?
When the DIPLOMA is hard to have ;
When the JOB is hard to have or to keep ;
You will want to LEARN FASTER*.
You can add passion as a wealthy improver for success.

Ai Help For Learning is a website and a method for education and training.

We are willing to prove that with AiHFL you can:
- Learn faster*;
- With more knowledge*;
- And for longer*.

* Proof of concept program will soon be organized.

With subject "Create & Sell AiHFL Books", you should send an email to :

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